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Contact Info


  • Barbara Krueger, Director, MSGC Documentation and Education; Research Associate, MSU Museum
  • Beth Donaldson, Director, MSGC Archives, Digital Repository, and Social Media; MSU Museum
  • Marsha MacDowell, Ph.D., Director, MSGC Research, Publications, and Fundraising; Curator and Professor, MSU Museum
  • Alicia Sheill, MSGC Web Site Development and Technical Support; Senior Project Manager, MATRIX: Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online at MSU

Previous Directors

  • Betty MacDowell, Ph.D. (b. 1926-d.2012), MSGC Founding Director (1992-2012); Research Associate, MSU Museum
  • Michele Beltran, MSGC Associate Director, 1997-2008


  • Rachel Allen, Michigan State University, 2012
  • Layna Williams, Michigan State University, 2012
  • Liz Schriener, Michigan State University, 2012
  • Michelle Clayton, Michigan State University, 2012
  • Emily Bliss, Michigan State University, Spring 2009
  • Johna Willis, Michigan State University, Spring 2009
  • Tricia Nault, Eastern Michigan University, Summer 2003
  • Julie Anna Welcher, Michigan State University, Summer 2004

Independent Studies Students

  • Linda Johnson (Ph.D. candidate, American Studies), Michigan State University, 2010


Michigan Stained Glass Census
Michigan State University Museum
570 Red Cedar Road
East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1045

Michigan Stained Glass Census
Michigan State University Museum
West Circle Drive
East Lansing, MI 48824-1045